Domestic Gas
Re-Assessment Training Course


A short course designed to provide a fast and effective understanding of the changes to the gas regulations, new technologies and practices regarding Domestic Core Gas Safety (CCN1).

In order to demonstrate their continuing gas safety competence an experienced gas fitting operative must be re-assessed every five years. Our re-assessment package gives operatives two days of refresher training to bring them up to speed with current practises. This is followed by two or three days of assessment, during which time they will be assessed on Domestic Core Gas Safety (CCN1) and may include assessment on up to five appliances in addition. All candidates must hold a current or recently expired CCN1 certification (expired within the past year). If a candidates qualifications have expired by more then a year, this course is still  suitable but they will have to undertake the initial assessment instead of a reassessment. This assessment is slightly longer but should still be completed within three days.

Course Duration and Cost.

2 days training, from £530+VAT and up to 3 days assessment.

Course Structure.

Domestic Core Gas Safety (CCN1)

    • Combustion
    • Flueing
    • Ventilation
    • Controls
    • Unsafe Situations
    • Testing and Purging 35mm pipe work and U16/ G10 gas meters
    • Gas Rating Appliances